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Condensation Products sell drimasters, anti mould additives and mould killer sprays

 Condensation and Mould problems?

Condensation on your windows?

Black Mould or Spot mould on external walls or in wardrobes?

Mould on window reveals or behind curtains?

Are you looking for an Affordable Condensation Solution?

Do you need a Condensation Cure? 

Look no further!

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Our online shop - Condensation Products (a division of the Cook Group) simply sells the best, proven
condensation control and mould removal products available in Europe, to help you take charge
of condensation and mould problems in your home.
We have been trading since 1974, working exclusively in the building
preservation industry, and have huge experience in dealing with
condensation & mould growth problems.

More importantly we also know what works and what doesn't!
See our  Nuaire Drimaster range  (top-performing products from a British manufacturer)

Nuaire are the market leaders in the design and manufacture of ventilation solutions.
The unobtrusive, affordable and economical units control and remove the
problem of condensation at its source, dramatically improving the domestic

Nuaire's Drimaster & Drimaster 2000 ranges offer first-rate performance, good value and long warranties.
We also have our exclusive environmentally friendly range of fantastic value mould removal & mould control systems. 

These incorporate Mould Remover & Steriliser solutions and anti fungicidal Paint additives, all at cost effective prices.
Environmentally friendly and safe for domestic use, they have been developed exclusively by the Cook Group.
Anti fungicidal Paint Additive      Mould Killer & steriliser Solution      Mould Control Trade Pack     Dampprotect - condensation sensor
 See our video showing our excellent treatments in use 



Tackling your condensation problem & mould problem doesn't need to be a battle.
By taking advantage of the Cook Group's expertise and experience, you can be confident that you have
access to the most advanced and effective condensation and mould control products on the market.
Full details of all of our products and their applications are available on our main Condensation Products website.

Or if you have any questions simply call us on 08454 379637

 We offer FREE advice and Technical support on all our products   
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